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Rome and Naples, Sorrento and Amalfi, cities of art and sea, a magnificent artistic and countryside itinerary to rediscover the Grand Tour. Flats in Italy have picked delightful places and selected charming villas and apartments : it has created a collection of residences unique in their beauty and location and for the quality of service and comfort offered. This exclusive collection is, today, for you....

Find the best accommodation in Amalfi

Come discover Italy by living the lifestyle the true authentic way!

Italy is such a beautiful country with a lot of places to explore and visit, so trying to choose a location can be a task! Wherever you wish to go, Italy will not dissapoint you. Choose from Venice, Rome, Naples, Sorrento and Amalfi.

What to do in Italy


Choose your exact accommodation depending on your needs and wants. Are you with family? A lover? On business? There is always something suitable for your desires and travel purpose. Choose from a variety of accommodation including villas, apartments, flats and studios.


Italy is the epitome of dramatic history and romantic love with many places to capture priceless photos. Whether it be castles, the villages, the natural landscape or a historic landmark, you will find that Italy is the perfect place for photos.

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