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The other large Italian island is Sardinia , which, with its coastline of around 1800 kilometres, is one of the most popular destinations far those who enjoy water sports and who lave spending their holidays at the sea. The sea in Sardinia is among the finest and clearest to be seen in the world, and the uniqueness of the Sardinian landscape and the profound differences between the various parts of the island - making it seem like a miniature continent - are immediately striking. We can best see this when we are lucky enough to be able to sail along the coasts: from the sea, we can admire not only the long sands, the hidden bays with their lovely, almost inaccessible little beaches, but also rocks, cliffs, crags and small islands that remind us of the island"s complex geological history. We delight in the perfumes of the Mediterranean maquis, carried along on the breeze: the fragrance of myrtle, strawberry tree, rosemary and wild broom become stored in our memory of scents. These aromas are also an invitation to stop at one of the many landing places, not only far a rest but also far a trip inland to visit an ancient Nuragic site, or simply to get to know the people. 

If you choose to do this, you will not only find that you have entered one of the most beautiful regions in Italy, but you will also have the satisfaction of sampling an extraordinary tradition of good food and handicrafts; there are lots of dishes of shepherds" fare and seafood, high-quality handmade woollen, wickerwork and ceramic products, and articles in gold filigree. 

Coast of the West

Coming back to the sea and the shore, those who do not have the chance to go sailing can also enjoy the clearest waters in the Mediterranean , by finding accommodation in one of the many hotels or camp sites in the seaside resorts, or maybe isolated in the silence of a stretch of deserted coastline. But where? The list is very long indeed. We should mention Pula , on the west coast of the gulf of Cagliari, a few miles from the ruins at Nora, the oldest town in Sardinia, and then Chia , and Sant" Antioco , on the shore of the island of the same name, connected to Sardinia by a sandy isthmus. Then there is Portoscuso, Oristano and Alghero , the city whose inhabitants still speak Catalan, testifying to the migration in ancient times tram the coasts of Spain

Coast of the East

Further north there is Stintino and then the large coastlines that are known all aver the world: the Costa Smeralda (between Arzachena and Olbia - the most exclusive resort in the Mediterranean), the Costa Paradiso (at the far northwestern side of the island), the Costa del Sud (between Teulada and Domus de Maria); and finally Palau, Baia Sardinia , Golfo Aranci and the gulf of Orosei with the splendid Cala Gonone, Arbatax and Villasimius with its white cliffs.


Map of Sardinia

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